Yo, never judge a motha by her gangsta-rap text speak

There’s the cutest little mum at school who waits at the school gate in her woolie hat and wellie boots, with 2 year-old on hip, always wearing the sweetest butter wouldn’t melt smile.  Her voice and mannerisms are equally cute: quiet and gentle, nodding and agreeing. Who knew that under this Hello Kitty exterior was a Jessie Pinkman*-style, gangsta mum. Now, I’m not suggesting she’s cooking crystal meth in her farmhouse kitchen – far from it. I’m pretty sure she’s devoutly Methodist and if she’s ever heard of crystal meth she would have thought it was some form of vapour rub. No, what I’m suggesting is that what you see is not always what you get. Mothers come in all different shapes, sizes and attitudes.


It’s so strange; I just can’t figure it out. She doesn’t have teenage children and I’m pretty sure that her Methodist roots would steer her away from the gangsta rap scene, so where does this come from?  I suppose it’s not entirely unrealistic to believe that people create a text identity – a persona that can live in the ether, totally divorced from reality.  This text identity can be anyone you want it to be and if you’re a stay-at-home mum then it has the potential to release you from the humdrum of normal life.  But…. I’m not sure this is the case.  P thinks that she works hard on this text speak. His theory is that she views text speak as a different variety of language altogether and she wants to conform to the conventions that govern it.  I’m not so sure.  If she’s texting other mothers then she’ll soon realize that we don’t all use language like this.  Or, do we?  It’s just occurred to me that I could be the one in the dark here.  Maybe I’m the one who’s missed out on the down widit text classes 4 village mothaz. Can anyone shed any light here?  Who’s widit and who’s not?


*I know I reference Breaking Bad quite a lot, but you really MUST watch it!


So, when arranging Boy G’s playdate, the conversation went like this:



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