Pooh Pooh to you too

No, we’re not happy. Not happy at all. Our Pooh didn’t win a prize in this year’s scarecrow festival. We can only imagine that the Scarecrow Committee didn’t feel that they could give it to us 4 years in a row.  There’s simply no other explanation for it. It even appeared in our local newspaper! Oh well … never mind. P is taking it surprisingly well, probably due to knowing that we’ll (sorry, ‘he’ll’) never ever have to make another hay-filled, chicken-wire sculpture ever again.  Yes village, we’re moving! Okay, it’s only 6 minutes down the road but, still, we’re escaping the scarecrow madness.


The impending move is the reason for my extreme paucity of blog posts lately! Moving a family of  seven is no easy feat.  We’ve spent the last month just sorting out, throwing out, giving away and eBaying.  In fact, the whole process of packing up in preparation for a move, and particularly a downsize, has driven home to us just how materialistic we are; we’ve accumulated so much unnecessary stuff over the years.  It’s shameful really. Clearly we’ve bought things or have been given things that we never really needed in the first place.  And so they sit on a shelf somewhere, out of sight, collecting dust until the day you stumble upon them when packing up. Perhaps everyone should go through the arduous  process of clearing out – maybe it will make us think twice before we buy the next big thing. In fact, if you’ve ever spent your evenings wrapping up, weighing and printing postage labels for eBay parcels, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. This task is so mind-numbingly tedious that you’ll swear off shopping for good.


And, so, we move in 3 weeks time to a much smaller and much less cluttered home.  We may have downsized our house, but we’ve definitely upsized our workload. There are floorboards to strip, walls to plaster, ensuite bathrooms to build, ceilings to pull down … if I go quiet again, you’ll know where I am – under the rubble!



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